7 spooky activities to try online to get into the Halloween mood

As fall officially begins and people smell the pumpkin spice lattes in the air, the spooky season is here. This means Halloween is just around the corner.

Now is the perfect time for group activities with your friends to celebrate the season. Of course, you can go it alone, but it’s so much more fun meeting up with your friends and doing something scary. There is so much you can do as a group.

Below, you’ll find some spooky ideas to explore and do with friends to get you in the right mood for Halloween.

1. Get together for a horror movie marathon

It’s a classic. You can select a scary theme, like slasher movies, supernatural movies, or paranormal plays. The best part is that you don’t have to meet in the same physical location. In fact, it’s better if you don’t.

horror movies on netflix

Instead, you can do a night watch. It’s the perfect option for Halloween! After all, the point is to be afraid, and if you watch a movie with your friends, but you’re alone doing it, it’s a lot scarier than doing it in a group.

Netflix, Disney +, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and many other streaming services provide the ability to watch parties that you are forced to find a platform that you are all subscribed to and make it happen.

2. Debate on which movie is the best horror movie

Another movie-themed activity that you can do that is unrelated to watching movies is to have a virtual debate. Try to decide which movie deserves the title of best horror movie of all time.

Get together on Zoom or FaceTime and take turns making your point. Indicate which movie you think is the best scariest movie of all time to watch each year on Halloween. Present evidence to prove your point and see how many people you will agree with.

At the end of the round of debate, you can vote for the top two titles that have been most discussed and ask people to discuss which one is better of the two.

The answer is The Cabin in the Woods, and that’s the hill I’m dying on.

3. Try a YouTube video contest

You don’t need to pay for a YouTube subscription to upload videos to the platform. Your group of friends can decide on a challenge, film it and upload it to YouTube. Nothing too far-fetched, of course. Don’t get carried away.

A great theme to consider for the video contest, for example, is Halloween characters. You dress up as a famous Halloween character and make a scene pretending to be them. You can be Sally or Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas, Sweeney Todd, or a real person, like Edgar Alan Poe.

How cool would it be to dress up as Edgar Alan Poe and read some of his scariest poems aloud? Or, better yet, try to create your own poetry?

Register, upload the videos, then ask YouTube viewers to pick the winner. Whoever gets the most likes wins.

4. Host a Photoshop contest

Another great idea for a contest requires Photoshop.

Do the best job you can photoshop monsters, ghosts and ghouls in your friends’ Instagram photos. If they don’t have a social media account, use whatever digital photo you have of them.

The goal would be to try and mix the spooky creature as harmoniously as possible. Make it part of the original image. Then you can vote among yourselves and decide who will win the title of Photoshop Master.

people with zombies behind them

5. Use Zoom for a range of online events

You can use Zoom for so many things. Meet and take turns telling spooky stories, share the scariest urban legends and superstitions you know.

Or, better yet, browse Creepypasta and share the story that spooked you the most. The one you found most memorable and couldn’t stop thinking about. After each of you has told a story, you can choose the person you won’t sleep for later because of the story they shared. They will be the winner with the best story.

Or, back to the movie Host, you can emulate it, light candles, and try your hand at summoning ghosts.

6. Try an online scavenger hunt

If you want to go all out, why not create a scavenger hunt? It might take a bit longer, but you’ll find an array of apps to help you do this, both on iOS and Android.

child in scary halloween setting

You can choose the scariest places you can think of, or just go hunting after dark. Better yet, make it a competition and have the person who completes the hunt last for a challenge.

For example, being alone in a scary place for 10 minutes. Or, worse yet, give you control of their phone and social media accounts for five years.

7. Try a virtual murder mystery

You will find many websites for virtual murder mystery games. Get together online and have fun solving mysteries. You can use Zoom, Google Hangouts, or any other platform that allows online meetings.

Choose the virtual murder mystery game you like the most, get it, put on costumes and play.

woman and detective

Everyone likes to think of themselves as the next Sherlock Holmes when it comes to solving mysteries. So, why not dress up as the most famous sleuths and see if you can really catch the bad guy? Besides Holmes, you can be Poirot, Mrs. Marple, Nancy Drew, etc.

Get together with your friends and let yourself be scared

Whatever you decide to do this Halloween, what matters most is spending time with your friends. Get in a scary mood in a group, try to scare yourself and stay awake all night because you’re too scared to fall asleep.

Find a way to connect with your friends and have a great Halloween together. You have so many options to turn to and get in touch with. Find an option that all of you are happy with and see you on Halloween.

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