7 climate change books and podcasts to inspire you for Earth Day 2022

As today is Earth Day, there has never been a better time to immerse yourself in all things climate change.

“Invest in your planet”. This is the theme of this year earth day and it speaks to a feeling among a growing number of Australians – that now is the time to put all efforts and resources into positive environmental change.

Climate change is a vast and multifaceted issue that affects every corner of society, with engineers holding many of the solutions needed to tackle the challenges of climate change head-on.

In this spirit, create has compiled a handy (but by no means exhaustive) list of resources that offer the motivation to do as Earth Day 2022 promises: invest in our planet.

The Big Switch: Australia’s electric future by Saul Griffith

Released this year by create magazines April cover story, Griffith’s optimistic plan for a radically greener Australia is taking bookstores by storm and for good reason. It provides a systematic breakdown of how we can harness electricity by transforming infrastructure, updating our networks and adapting our households.

Griffith, an engineer and inventor, is pushing to see an Australia that pulls together to reduce emissions and prioritize electricity in new and innovative ways.

Sustainable materials without hot air: making buildings, vehicles and products efficiently and with less new materials by Julian Allwood and Jonathan Cullen

Industry will always invest in manufacturing, but this book explores how while also investing in our planet. Engineering experts Allwood and Cullen explain why our relationship with materials must change (even more than it has already), if we are to continue to benefit from innovations that improve our ways of life.

Not only does this book paint a clear picture of the present and future of low-carbon materials, but as BBC News Magazine put it, it’s “a pragmatic guide to getting more value out of less.” .

Superpower: Australia’s low-carbon opportunity by Ross Garnaut

Australia is rich in renewable resources. In 2020, 24% of Australia’s total electricity generation came from renewable energy sources – the highest on record since the mid-1960s. Yet according to renowned Australian economist and thought leader on climate change policy Ross Garnaut, there are more opportunities to be seized.

Garnaut’s book lays out a roadmap for progress, touching on energy, transportation, agriculture, the international arena and more. If you have followed the history of climate change politics in Australia, this book is essential reading.

Unstable: what climate science tells us, what it doesn’t, and why it matters by Steven E. Koonin

If anyone knows climate science and politics, it’s Obama’s former undersecretary of science, Steven E. Koonin.

Koonin’s book is often cited as the leading authority on the science behind climate change. It uses data, common sense and surveys to provide a clearer understanding of how we should invest in a better future. If you enter this book with questions on the mind, you will come away not only with answers, but also with a sobering insight into how the climate debate has become oversimplified.

TED Climate Podcast

Anyone who’s ever watched a good TED talk (or TEDx) knows that one is almost never enough. This concept of intellectual awakening is introduced to the world of environmental change via TED’s climate-focused podcast.

The point of the podcast is to do what any good TED talk does – take an often overwhelming topic and unpack it with humanity and accessibility. TED Climate taps into a long list of relevant topics such as decarbonization, electrification of transportation, food production, and even how the use of language affects our ability to fight climate change.

by Robert Llewellyn Fully loaded show Podcast

Another entry for the ears, this time with a focus on clean energy. The overriding question of the podcast asks “is it possible that humans no longer need to burn to live, work and travel?” “. If Robert and his team were tasked with answering, they would say yes, then add their motto: stop burning stuff.

Over 150 episodes, climate-conscious electronics enthusiasts have plenty to keep busy. Example : podcast 148 invites Metis Engineering founder Joe Holdsworth to talk about the latest battery innovations.

speak for the trees Podcast

What do you get when you meet two environmental engineers with often impenetrable environmental issues? You get the speak for the trees Podcast. Hailing from the United States, Ellie and Lauren fuse hard science, curiosity and a dash of humor to unravel the most pressing weather-related topics of the day.

From topics like the carbon cycle to environmental disasters to bee conservation, our hosts speak with both feet on the ground, connecting with listeners on a human level and proving that everyone is going through the oversaturation of the information in the best possible way.

Earth Day 2022 and beyond

This Earth Day-triggered list is designed to provide readers with a starting point from which we can explore the wealth of rich and varied resources that will help engineers solve the climate change challenges facing our planet.

If you have a climate change book or podcast recommendation, share the comments below.

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