45 Christmas-themed writing prompts and activities for high school students


Mad Libs are suitable for any holiday, but make a great Christmas writing activity. Primary or secondary students will practice the parts of speech by filling in the blanks of the story. This fun idea will have your students laughing and begging them to do more!

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This Christmas-themed writing game is perfect for fun and engaging class time. Students will be given a variety of holiday topics and they must think of an idea that begins with a specific letter. This activity for students is a great way to have fun in the classroom as the holidays approach.

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The Christmas Trivia Game is a super fun game for all ages! Your students can research facts about Christmas or the winter holidays, then write questions and answers. Then they can have a quiz day on Christmas-themed topics.

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Caroling is a holiday tradition that many people practice. If you want to bring music into your classroom, ask your students to listen to carols, brainstorm Christmas themes, and write down their carols! Then you can go sing along to each class along with the songs they create.

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25. The real story behind the Grinch


In this creative writing task, students must use their imaginations to explain why the Grinch is the way he is. A decent percentage of students will know about the movie and have crazy answers to the question.

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If your college students are afraid to write, get them to write a Christmas comic! They can use any holiday story they know and have them rewritten with illustrations, interjections, and dialogue. Additionally, this activity responds to the common core theme of writing and understanding different types of texts.

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Roll a poem is a great activity for elementary school students and up! Students will need to roll a dice to create their poems. Each child will have a different poem, and they can analyze their differences.

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28. Christmas Trading Game


In this “Secret Santa” activity, students will have to describe an object that they are willing to give away. They. It should be super descriptive, because the other students will have to guess the object based on their handwriting! Then they can choose the gift and see if it’s what they’re thinking of.

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The Christmas Choice Board is a perfect activity for busy teachers during the holiday season. These writing activities allow your middle school students to be independent while choosing an activity that they like!

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If you’re looking for a great holiday game to play when students lack motivation, then play the jumbled phrase game! Students will sort complete sentences to create a simple story while applying writing rules.

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31. One Word Solving Quilt


This short and simple writing unit is perfect to start a new year! Teach your kids about affirmations and self-reflection as they create a classroom quilt to remind them of the people they want to be.

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Like Mitten Memories, this reflective writing prompt asks students to describe their favorite vacation memories. They should express it with figurative language as if the reader is experiencing it, showing the meaning and emotion of the moment.

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33. Write a debate, give or offer?


The holiday season is all about giving, joy and appreciation for our stuff. This Christmas writing activity pack teaches your high school students about the gift of giving!

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Acrostic poems are fun, but some middle schoolers may think they’re childish. Challenge these students to create their winter poetry with figurative language and a solid vocabulary that they can present to family and friends.

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The news of a snow day is a fantastic feeling for students and teachers. Involve your students in this winter writing activity by asking them to create a short story or story about a snowy day.

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36. Make sense of the season


What is Christmas? Why do we celebrate these winter holidays? This interactive and hands-on unit teaches your students about the meaning of the season.

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37. The 12 Days of Christmas


The 12 Days of Christmas is a familiar song that most students know. Encourage your students to write daily with these prompts until their winter break begins!

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If you want a Christmas-themed writing activity, have your middle schoolers write Christmas cards to their loved ones! Remind your students to be specific about why they like each person, as this will contribute to a happy and safe classroom community.

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39. What does Christmas mean to me?


Holidays are critical times in our lives. In this reflective writing activity, students will need to deepen their thinking about the meaning of Christmas and why it is essential to them.

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In this creative writing activity, your students must use their knowledge of facts and opinions to write about whether or not Santa Claus exists! Remind them to use evidence to persuade their readers and then have a class debate with their work.

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This writing activity can be used any year but is important during the winter holidays. As a daily journal prompt, ask your students to write down what they are grateful for and why, as it allows them to recognize how privileged they are and the good things they have in life.

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42. If I had 1,000,00,000…


In this meaningful vacation-themed lesson, your students will be asked what they would do if they had a million dollars. Would they buy gifts for the poor? Would they donate to charity or spend it on themselves? Use this time as a gateway to explore the gift of giving and the meaning of Christmas.

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43. Christmas Readers Theater


Reader’s Theater is a great way to have a fun ELA course. Ask your students to write or practice a vacation scenario and then act it out in front of the whole class.

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Writing Christmas pictures is a great idea for an ELA or ESL course! Students will receive a photo and be asked to write a story about it. These photos will allow students to dig deep and use their imaginations to show their perspective on what is happening in the vacation photo.

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If you’re looking for a unique Christmas-themed lesson, have your students write about Christmas in space! There are no right answers and students must use their imagination and Christmas image to explain their ideas.

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