25 logical activities for middle school


Is logic something you teach or is it something that comes naturally? In fact, it can be learned! Logic and critical thinking are some of the most important skills our students learn in middle school, but how do you teach logic? Middle school students learn logic through reasoning and deduction. With these skills, students can use critical thinking and reasoning to come to a rational conclusion. With this list of 25 logic activities, students can develop the skills they need to harness those skills and use logic to solve problems!

1. Thinking games!

With these brain games, students solve mind-bending puzzles that challenge them to find solutions that take a little more thought to solve. These fun puzzles allow middle school students to practice their logical thinking.

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2. Propaganda and critical thinking

Teaching students logic is one of the most important skills they will learn. Use this propaganda and critical thinking activity to show students how to be critical thinkers through pop culture.

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3. Escape rooms

Escape rooms provide students with a fun and challenging activity that allows them to practice their logical reasoning and critical thinking. In this activity, students work together to solve puzzles and problems that challenge their logic.

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4. Puzzles

Want a fun and easy way to help boost your students’ logic and critical thinking? Scientists have proven that puzzles do just that. Solve these tricky puzzles and boost your logic.

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5. Have a debate

College kids are great debaters, they just need something interesting to challenge their thinking. Use these discussion topics to help students tap into their logical thinking skills and challenge their peers.

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6. Organize a mock test

Nothing will challenge your high school students to use their logical reasoning more than a mock trial. In a mock trial, students use their critical thinking to defend their case. Foster teamwork, critical thinking and logic with this fun activity.

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7. Logical errors

Sometimes it can be difficult to engage high school students in their learning. In this activity, students play different characters using creative thinking and logic. Watch your students glow with enthusiasm in this fun logic activity.

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8. Puzzle

It can be difficult to challenge our students to think outside the box and use their critical thinking. Stimulate your students’ enthusiasm for learning and logic with these exciting brain teasers that challenge your students’ thinking.

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9. Teaching inferences

When it comes to logic, it is crucial to teach students how to use inferences. Students use inferences to “read between the lines” and develop the skills needed to piece together clues. Using inference and critical thinking, students can develop their logical reasoning.

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10. Logic Puzzles

Sharpen your students’ logic using creative logic puzzles. Nurture and develop your students’ critical thinking by challenging their thinking with these puzzles. Analyze, infer and solve!

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11. Puzzle

Want an easy way to add logical time to your students’ day? Use these brain teasers to challenge your student’s logic throughout the day. Students develop logic through repeated practice. These fun brain teasers are a great way to add more logic to your student’s day.

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12. Games, puzzles and puzzles

Every teacher has those students who finish before everyone else. Instead of having them sit at their desks waiting for the next lesson, give them access to brain teasers, riddles, and critical thinking activities that will help them strengthen their logical skills.

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13. Illusions

Our brain can trick us into seeing something that isn’t really there or obscure the image to look like something that isn’t. These fun illusions will challenge your students’ brains and challenge their logic to think outside the box. What do you see?

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14. Scary stories to promote logic

It’s no secret that most college kids love scary stories. Why not use these scary stories to help build your student’s logic? These fun, short and scary stories will spark your students’ interest in critical thinking and logic.

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15. Triangle Puzzle

Creating a puzzle that challenges students’ logic is easy! In this creative logic puzzle, students use a square sheet of paper to create a triangle. It’s not as easy as it looks and it will take a bit more critical thinking on your student’s part to figure it out!

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16. Perspective taking

Using perspective is a great way to get students thinking about their own logic. It can be difficult to see things from a different point of view, but it is an important skill for students to learn, especially when it comes to logic. Check out these Second English Coffee Shop activities.

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17. Forced Analogies

Have you ever tried to compare two seemingly unrelated things? Well, in this task, that’s exactly what the students are being asked to do! It may sound easier than it is, but comparing two unrelated things requires a lot of logical thinking.

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18. STEM Challenges

It’s no surprise that science, technology, engineering, and math are full of logical activities. In this STEM-based activity, students use logical thinking and reasoning to develop experiences.

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19. Encourage critical thinking

Critical thinking that promotes logic can be added to any lesson. Add creative and engaging activities to your students’ reading and writing lessons. Encourage students to use logic in everyday problems.

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20. Hexagonal Thought

This creative new mind mapping strategy is a great way to help students develop their logical skills. Students examine a set of ideas written in the form of hexagons. They create a puzzle using logic and critical thinking.

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21. Marshmallow Challenge

When it comes to helping students develop their logic, the marshmallow activity is one they’ll love. Using marshmallows and spaghetti, students build towers.

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22. Troubleshooting

Start each morning or class period with a simple problem. Students use logic and critical thinking to answer problems that challenge their skills.

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23. Deepen your levels of questioning

Did you know that there are different levels of questioning? Each of the four levels of questioning helps students deepen their thinking about the content they are learning. Use these four levels of questioning to help students develop logic and critical thinking.

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24. Logic Games

Learning logic through games is a fun and engaging way to help students learn the skills they need to become critical thinkers. These exciting games will be a hit with your students.

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25. Puzzle of the week

Looking for a simple and fun way to help your students test their logic? Submit a puzzle of the week! With these fun puzzles, students use critical thinking and logic to solve simple yet complicated problems.

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