24 Engaging Middle School Earth Day Activities


Earth Day is a great opportunity to give middle schoolers the chance to learn more about our planet and how to help preserve it. Use informative text resources, books on environmental issues, and passages on natural disasters to help students learn more about the Earth and the day we choose to celebrate it. This list of 24 activities includes ideas you can use for this annual event in your own middle school classroom!

1. Extraterrestrial Visitor Writing Activity

Creative writing at its finest is this extraterrestrial visitor writing activity. It’s a fun way to include Earth Day activities in your daily writing while writing from a different perspective.

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2. Virtual Field Trips

Virtual field trips are always a good idea! They provide an opportunity to travel outside of the classroom that not all students would otherwise have. Students can see places that will show them places that need help with water pollution or soil pollution.

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3. Bottle paint recycling activity

Reusing and recycling are important concepts for middle school students to learn. Collect bottles to use for paint and help students learn the value of recycling and reusing plastic, as well as how to reuse these items for good, like creating art.

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4. Bottle Cap Mural

Collect bottle caps of all kinds for this art project! Let students work together to form a beautiful planet art project to display in your school or classroom.

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5. Recycled Earth Day Crayons

Make recycled crayons with your students. Show them how to recycle broken pencil pieces to form new ones by melting down old ones and using a mold to form new ones. They are perfect for donating to your local art teacher or elementary school.

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6. Clean the litter box

Earth Day Projects for High School Science

Organizing a waste collection day can be very beneficial. Students can divide work areas and form teams that can tackle each section together. If you can leave the classroom, you might consider going to a public place in your city that might need help.

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7. Drinking water experiment

Another great science experiment to try on Earth Day is this drinking water experiment. It’s a great way to show the effects of water pollution and how water can be affected by the choices humans make.

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8. Escape room

Creating an escape room for Earth Day is a great way to break up the usual classroom activities with something a little different. You can use a prefab one, like this, or create your own. Students can work together to find the clues and figure out how to escape!

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9. Learn to compost

Compost clip art

Teaching students how to compost is a great idea for Earth Day. Students will have the opportunity to learn more about the benefits and how it can help their environment and their own city. This is a great science experiment that students can also participate in.

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10. Have a debate

Hosting a class debate is a great way to tie many skills together. Include reading and writing in preparation for the debate. Use oral language skills to present data in debate and have students take different positions to debate against each other.

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11. Write an essay on plastic waste

Plastic waste is a very real problem. Learning about specific content like this is also a great way to teach persuasive writing skills. Help students write from a point of view that reminds them to present their points of view to others.

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12. Make bird feeders

Even older children enjoy this activity! Have students create bird feeders out of ice cream cones, peanut butter, and birdseed. Pupils can hang them in the trees around the school and observe the birds that come to eat.

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13. Earth Day Readers Theater

For a change of pace and a break from worksheets or craft projects, try this drive’s drama activity. Earth Day is the perfect time to take a break from all the printable activities and let students participate in this read aloud activity.

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14. Bean Garden Tent

Bean pole garden tent illustrated with large colored pencils as bean poles in a pyramid structure

Let students learn outside. Students can work together to create a bean tent. If you have room for a small garden, this would be a great addition, as students can grow these beans to the top and save space and still get lots of results.

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15. Root Vegetable Grow Bags

Grow bag for potatoes or other root vegetables

Growing root vegetables is a great way to grow things students can use! Watch these root vegetables grow “under the ground.” These bags have a window that allows for a preview so you can see how they change as they grow.

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16. Earth Day Learning Lab

This digital resource is a great way to take kids out of the classroom and into a virtual learning lab. Students will experience new learnings related to Earth Day. Students will have the opportunity to participate by watching videos or reading the collection of informative texts.

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17. Start seed pots

Seedlings grow in jars as part of an Earth Day activity.

Let students try their hand at growing. Starting seed pots is a fun way to show students that they can grow something if they stick with it. Start small and let students experience the benefits of growing something on their own.

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18. Start recycling

Plastic bottles are lined up and ready to go in the recycling bin.

Recycling activities, such as creating a recycling program, are a great way to engage students in learning about recycling and waste management. Reusing recycled items to create craft projects is another great way to help our planet.

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19. Read and Respond

Read and reply prompts are always a great way to build engagement, social interaction, and content retention. Students can use the digital resource to discuss concepts such as environmental concerns and current events related to protecting our planet.

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20. Think Out Loud

This classroom activity combines digital and print resources. Students can read to learn more about Earth Day and how to protect our planet, and while doing so, they can complete Google Slides and print additional resources. These also serve as great science resources!

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21. All about Earth Day and its history

Using informational texts is another great way to learn about these concepts. You can use it with copies of student exit slips to help students remember facts from their non-fiction reading or use it as a resource for a writing activity.

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22. Writing activity

Earth Day writing activity

This writing project is a fun way to learn about how to protect and help our environment. These activity sheets focus on writing and reading and can also be used in a science lesson.

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23. Recycled Art Projects

Challenge the kids to see what kind of art they can make from recycled paper! This is a great project for K-12 students. This activity may even spark some interest in creating a school recycling program.

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24. Earth Day Collage

You can teach the basics of recycling with this art project idea! Use scraps of paper to create a colored kraft paper version of the Earth. It’s a great way to show students how to reuse recycled paper and challenge them to create something new.

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