24 Christmas language arts activities for middle school


Alright, I admit it. I am one of those people who put down their winter decorations a little too early. On the contrary, I would say that it is never too early to start planning a month full of Christmas-themed activities for your students.

Below are 24 Christmas activities you can incorporate into your college language course.

Put a twist on the classic letter to Santa with this holiday writing prompt. Students must convince Santa Claus to remove them from his naughty list using persuasive writing. This engaging activity will sharpen your students’ writing skills and allow them to reflect on their character.

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2. Prove that Santa Claus is real


Are you sure Santa Claus doesn’t exist? Have your students write a persuasive essay on why Santa Claus isn’t fake. This holiday activity is sure to inspire students to think outside the box and get creative.

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3. Comparative trial of seasons


Each season has its own character with different weather, holidays and activities. Students can write a descriptive piece of writing that compares two or more seasons. To go further, students can explain why a season is the best.

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4. Stuck in a Snow Globe digital craft and writing project


Imagine being stuck in a snow globe! What would you worry about if you were? How would you plan your escape? Students can use this creative writing prompt to write a short story to pair with this digital art craft.

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Would You Rather is a fun game for all ages, even adults. You can use these different prompts as a more casual topic of discussion in your class, or you can ask students to write a formal position paper on their responses.

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6. Christmas Random Write Prompt Picker

A little randomness always adds a little extra fun. Use this festive writing prompt picker with the list included in the link below. These prompts cover both descriptive writing and creative writing, so your students are sure to get plenty of different writing practice.

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Need a short Christmas-themed activity that’s suitable for all grade levels? Try a crossword puzzle to get students in the holiday spirit.

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8. “Should Christmas be every day?” Debate

My favorite activity in college was participating 100% in class debates. Being able to create and communicate a persuasive argument is an invaluable skill. In your class, try the debate question, “Should Christmas be every day?”. Or brainstorm other debate questions with your class.

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9. Read “The Burglar’s Christmas” by Willa Cather


A Burglar’s Christmas is a short and touching story about a failed burglar who reunites with his mother. This fiction presents the themes of trials, love and forgiveness. These topics can surely stimulate an interesting discussion among your college students.

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10. Read “A Memory of Christmas” by Truman Capote


A Christmas Memory tells the story of a young boy’s Christmas through the perspective of the boy himself, a tale of the author’s own upbringing. Reading this descriptive autobiography is a great exercise for students to engage their characterization skills.

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11. Read “The Greatest Gift” by Philip Van Doren Stern

The Greatest Gift is a great short story that covers subjects of misery, life and death. Students can collaborate and discuss the themes of this story. Compare and contrast the book to the film adaptation, “It’s a Wonderful Life,” to add more entertainment to your classroom.

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12. Learn about other winter holidays


We all know that Christmas is not the only holiday celebrated at this time of year. Students can learn about other celebrations, such as Hanukkah and Chinese New Year, using this unit study set.

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If you have a group of theater students, putting on this short play can be an entertaining class activity for the holiday season. Invite other classes to join in the fun and watch the play before the holidays!

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14. Read “Jane Austen’s Christmas: The Festive Season in Georgian England”


If you’re looking for a short Christmas novel, Jane Austen’s Christmas provides a historical account of holiday festivities during the later Georgian period. This holiday non-fiction read will teach your students about the games, songs, and recipes of that era.

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Don’t forget this classic festive read. Old Christmas contains a collection of essays about the holidays, written by Washington Irving, a man who helped instill the strong spirit of Christmas in America.

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Solving puzzles is a great activity to include in your language lessons. Reader’s Digest has a list of ideas you can use that are suitable for younger and older students.

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17. Watch the Polar Express

No one is too old for the classic Christmas movie, The Polar Express. Even I remember watching it in school when I was a kid. If you’re looking for a relaxed, unprepared activity before break, put on this movie for you and your students to enjoy!

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18. Read “Christmas Trees” by Robert Frost


Poetry is another great form of literature that English teachers can use in the classroom during the holiday season. Have your students read Christmas Tress and consider the literary devices used in this work of art.

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19. Read “A Child’s Christmas in Wales” by Dylan Thomas


A Child’s Christmas in Wales is a very descriptive poem recounting Thomas’ childhood holiday experiences. This detailed and nostalgic poem can be used as a great transition into a descriptive writing activity.

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20. Create holiday-themed poetry from iconic images


What could be better than reading and analyzing poems during the Christmas period? In fact, write the poems. Writing poetry will challenge students’ creative skills. Ask them to use Christmas-themed images to help them focus on a topic for their poem.

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21. Teaching poetry through puzzles


Writing puzzles is another engaging language activity. This resource will guide students in analyzing and creating their own puzzles using figurative language. Have your students write Christmas-themed puzzles to add some holiday spirit.

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22. Write Letters of Appreciation


The holidays are the perfect time to show our appreciation to those in our lives. As an activity in your language arts class, have students use their expressive language to say thank you in a letter to a classmate, teacher, or family member.

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23. Beyond History: A Dickens of a Party


A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens is a classic read with a storyline that never fails to entertain. Go deeper into the story by throwing an end-of-year party with the characters from the book. Students can attend as characters at the party.

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I remember all the fun I had filling my journals with crazy libs when I was in college. Although this activity may be a bit easy for your older students, they will have a good laugh and review the different parts of speech.

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