2022 Student Government Presidential Debate | News

Tonight, Student Government 2022 took place in the Journalism Building on campus. The president and vice president of each campaign had the opportunity to talk about their policies and debate the questions posed.

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Student government elections are fast approaching and candidates are gearing up for an intense week of active campaigning.

The student government presidential debate was held Thursday in the Journalism Building. The candidates of the four tickets for the presidency and the vice-presidency were able to express themselves on the subjects most important to them and to debate the questions posed.

The Evolve campaign emphasizes the importance of student feedback, while the Scott-Rovere campaign wants to apply student advice and focus on mental health.

The Rise campaign is the only student government campaign this year with a vice president who has never served in student government.

Known for its unique name, the F*** Around and Find Out campaign wants to run to offer more diversity in the election.

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