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You can borrow money via the internet via our website

The internet is impossible to imagine in our lives. We can do just about anything via the internet nowadays.

Online shopping, contacting friends or family, ordering concert tickets, even putting the heating at our home higher or lower at work. Borrowing money via the internet is therefore not so strange. More and more people are choosing the convenience of the internet if they want to borrow money.

The advantages of borrowing money via internet are clear:

  • You win a lot of time.
  • You contact the credit broker when it suits you.
  • You do not have to leave the door: no traffic jams, no parking fines
  • Your application is very discreet and confident.
  • Quick treatment of your file

How to borrow money via internet?

  • Borrowing money via the internet is done through a very smooth procedure. You contact the broker who discusses your file with you via email or telephone. You will receive a proposal tailored to your needs. If the broker still needs documents from you, you can send them by post, fax or e-mail.
  • The big difference between online shopping and applying for a loan online is that the latter does not happen completely automatically. For example, if you buy cinema tickets or airline tickets via the internet, no one is involved.
  • Borrowing money via the internet is not automatic. Also on the other side of the computer connection there is a person of flesh and blood that follows your file. And that’s a good thing too. This way you can be sure that your loan is in line with your wishes. This in terms of duration, amount and type of loan.
  • Borrowing money via the internet is possible for all current loans. Many personal loans are passed on via the website. But car loans, rebuilding loans and home loans with mortgage are also requested via the internet.

Refused at the bank – can I get a loan?

You have submitted a loan application but you have been refused at the bank?

There are other options for borrowing money. What is possible and what does not depends of course on your situation, your income and current loans. Can you still get a loan? It is first and foremost important to know why the application was refused. Read all about it in this article.

Nice is of course different. You make a loan application from your own bank or another bank in your area. You look forward to the result. And then you get the bad news: you have been refused at the bank. Does the bank not want to give you a loan but are you not on the black list? Then you can search online for another lender. After all, every lender has his own way of looking at your file. One society may find it too risky to grant you a loan. The other company has a different view of the case and approves your request. It is therefore not because you have been refused at the bank or a particular financial institution that it is therefore completely impossible to get a loan elsewhere.

Refused at the bank – black list

On this website we do not tell you fairy tales. Have you been refused at the bank because you are on the black list? Then you can indeed no longer receive a loan – unless you have a property.
If you are not an owner, you will receive a negative answer from every bank and lender. The blacklist serves to inform the other credit companies that you have or have had payment problems. At the same time you will avoid making more debts.
Have you been refused at the bank but are you the owner? Then there are a limited number of credit providers that can take your dossier into consideration. It is then important to ask yourself whether an extra loan is a solution to your problems. Or does it only lead to more problems?

Where can you go?

Have you been refused at the bank? There are still a limited number of possibilities to get a loan.

You can request a loan through the online credit broker

Request a loan, how does it work? The online credit brokers are happy to make it easy for you.

You can submit a loan request via their websites without having to leave the house. All applications for a loan that come via the website are often given priority. They understand that you want to be informed quickly about the status of your file. They take care of that.

Request a loan at the office?

It does not really matter anymore to enter an office and put your entire situation on the table. It takes a lot of time and effort to personally visit all banks and credit brokers. Moreover, it is not very discreet. Every office in your area will then be aware of your financial situation and you know that you are looking to borrow money. It is also not nice if you are refused by the bank in your street.

It is not surprising that a loan application therefore happens more and more online. From the comfort of your own home you can contact the broker and request your credit in peace and quiet.

How to apply for a loan?

  • The first step is to contact an online lender via his website. In this way he already gets a picture of your questions and wishes. Every dossier is different. And therefore every solution. They discuss the possibilities with you and look for the best solution for you. There is the possibility to take out a new loan or possibly to revise an existing loan .
  • They need additional data for the further processing of your file. You can then send them to them by mail, fax, e-mail or via an online form.
  • Applying for a loan also means that you would like to be kept informed of the status of your credit application. You can also contact the broker by email or by phone. Even if there are still uncertainties or questions, they are ready for you quickly.
  • You can apply for a wide range of credits via the internet. A personal loan, financing for a car or motorhome, a home loan, renovation , renovation, holiday loan, and so on.

Let mortgage loan revise – costs and conditions

More and more people want to have their mortgage loan revised. The interest rates have dropped for a long time.

This put a large number of consumers on the hunt for a cheaper loan for their home.

The requests from customers who have their mortgage loan revised have increased for a long time at the banks. Nevertheless, there was also a large group of consumers who were waiting. These people watched the cat from the tree. Interest rates continued to show a downward trend. Many consumers assumed that the bottom of mortgage interest had not yet been reached.

The financial markets show a number of interest rate increases. These rising interest rates mean that a lot of people are suddenly taking action. Instead of waiting any longer, they contact their bank or credit broker. The mortgage loan to be revised is now high on the agenda.

Let mortgage loan revise

A mortgage loan is a contact between two parties and can therefore be reviewed in mutual consultation. In the case of a loan to a consumer, the rule is clear. You can repay a loan at once if you pay a reinvestment fee. This compensation is limited to three months interest. You pay the outstanding capital plus the interest you would have had to pay in the next three months.

The above rule applies to all credits to consumers. To have a mortgage loan revised whereby you pay back the old loan is also included. However, a mortgage loan must meet many formal requirements and entails additional expenses. A mortgage loan is registered with a mortgage office, becomes past for a civil-law notary and also leads to file costs at the bank.

It is therefore important to weigh the extra costs against the savings in interest. A mortgage loan works with a compound interest so that there are some calculations and formulas to the pass. It is simply not possible to formulate an unambiguous answer via our website. The best option is to visit a specialized broker and submit your file. You immediately know whether your mortgage loan is worth reviewing.

We search every month for the cheapest loans!

Which lender currently offers the lowest interest rate for mortgage loans? Do you want to know what the most advantageous loan is in your situation?

Borrow money for a trip – the holiday loan

We all have the need to take a break. A while away to recharge the batteries properly.

You come back reborn and you are ready to fly back in again. Sometimes your budget does not want to come along. Did you know that many people borrow money for a trip? This is then what we call a holiday loan or travel loan.

It sometimes happens that an attractive excursion suddenly appears. Ask friends or family if you do not feel like going on holiday with them. Or you get the chance to benefit from a nice last minute offer. It is more than annoying when you have to put the travel offer aside.

Borrowing money for a trip can be a possible solution. This so-called holiday loan was created for this purpose.

You must be able to travel when it fits into your agenda. If your wallet is temporarily struggling, you can contact a credit broker. They discuss with you the possibilities to take out a loan for a weekend trip, a short trip or even a longer holiday.

Borrow money for a trip – without hassle

Customers sometimes think that a holiday loan is nothing for them. They think that there is a lot of looping and paperwork to suit. You have to come up with quotes from travel agencies or campsites, you have to clearly indicate in advance to which destination you want to go, and so on. This is not the case at all. Borrowing money for a trip can easily be arranged via the website.

Most holiday loans are simply requested online . You can request a holiday loan via our website without much hassle. You contact us first via our form. We mail or call you and discuss the possibilities. Then the credit is requested – for that we need the income data and identity data. When the holiday credit is approved, the money is transferred.

For which trip can you borrow?

You can borrow money for any kind of vacation. You do not need to pass a travel agency. Some examples for which this loan can be used:

  • Weekend trip or city trip
  • Fly holiday to the sun
  • Last minute trip
  • Skiing holiday
  • All-in travel formula
  • Booking a campsite
  • Rent a caravan or a mobile home
  • Rent a motorhome
  • A stay on the coast or in the Ardennes.

Your travel loan quickly arranged

The holiday loan is therefore a formula made for those who want to get away from it and do not have the budget at the moment. Do you want to borrow money for a trip?

Comparing the interest rate of loans? The best rates.

There are many possibilities for those who want to borrow money . Do you want to compare the interest rate of loans?

People sometimes ask us why the interest rates of different credits are so different from each other.

In this article we will go into more detail on two different and common forms of money: the personal loan and the mortgage mortgage.

Interest rate comparison: personal loan

In this text we will compare the interest rate of loans. The first current form of borrowing is the personal loan. This is also called the loan on payment and has a number of specific characteristics.

  • With a personal loan you get money made available for a very wide purpose. There are personal loans for certain purchases, loans for a trip , urgent costs and expenses.
  • The lender will only approve the file if he has sufficient security. The customer’s history, the income, he owns, blacklist, ..
  • If the borrower remains in default, the bank does not have many guarantees. The money learned can already be spent entirely on consumer goods, a journey or other expenses.
  • The lender therefore runs a higher risk that part of the money can not be recovered. If we compare the interest rate of loans, we see that the personal loan therefore has a higher interest rate than certain other types of credit. The bank guarantees are more limited. The risk and therefore the interest rate are higher.

Interest rate of mortgage loans

On the other side of the spectrum is the mortgage loan. With this loan, the bank or lender has a broad guarantee.

  • A mortgage is taken on the property. This can be the house or apartment of the borrower himself. It is also possible that a third person gives his or her residence as a guarantee. We then think of family or the partner.
  • When we compare the interest rate of loans, we see clearly that a residential loan has a low interest rate compared to an installment loan or personal loan.
  • A mortgage loan for the purchase of a home has a much longer duration. Since the home serves as a guarantee, the lender takes less risk.
  • The interest rate on mortgage loans for the purchase of real estate is therefore much lower.

Comparing the interest rate of loans?

If you are looking for an interesting loan, you will of course compare the interest rate of loans. As an Online Credit Broker we work together with multiple lenders. We have extensive experience with all forms of loans. Even those who already have several loans can contact us. Contact us and we discuss your file with you, discreetly and without obligation.

Borrow Money Personal Loan Online Application

In this article we will discuss the personal loan . There are, of course, various types of loans.

Maybe you are planning to buy a car? Perhaps you need a new washing machine or furniture? Or maybe you need a well-deserved break and want to look for brighter places.

Personal loan alternatives

We can not just pay most major expenses in cash. In addition to the mortgage loan where the house is taken as a guarantee, there are also specific loans for all other purposes. The renovation loan with possible renovation premium and the auto loan we discussed separately. A very common form of borrowing is the personal loan. Do you need money? You can of course also go below zero with your current account or use your credit card. The big difference with a current account or credit card is that you borrow a certain amount of money from a personal loan. This then takes place at a fixed interest rate and with fixed monthly repayments. These are clearly known at the start of the contract.

Borrow money personal loan: benefits?

  • Whoever goes red in his current account pays a lot more interest. So a personal loan is often better to manage your budget. You will be credited a fixed amount to your account. You know what you will use the money for. It is clear in advance how much you have to pay back monthly. This clear approach makes it easier for most people to repay the loan correctly. This in the long term avoids problems with the National Bank and the black list .
  • A credit card is easy and tempting. However, you may be below zero for a longer period of time while interest continues to rise. You will therefore be faced with surprises if you do not pay back on time and inadequately. The high interest and the capital due that still have to be repaid make it insurmountable for many people to repay the loan correctly and on time.
  • With a personal loan you can already avoid this risk. If the bank allows you a personal loan, your file will be checked beforehand. We will check whether you will be able to repay the loan on time. In addition, the bank will also take into account the purpose of the loan. The follow-up to this article ‘borrowing a personal loan’ can be found in the article interest rate personal loan.

How many credit requests can I make to borrow money?

You want to borrow money and are therefore looking for the right loan.

People compare different banks and different credit providers. There is, of course, nothing wrong with that. But did you know that you have to be careful that you do not just ‘just’ submit credit applications everywhere? Jump in moderation with credit applications. Otherwise, you run the risk that your application will be refused at all institutions!

How many credit applications?

We have already indicated this in various articles on this website. The approval of a loan depends on a lot of factors. The level of income and the number of current accounts play a major role. But did you know that also how many credit requests you make? Many applications end up at the same head office. Several credit companies are part of the same financial group, which centralizes the applications.

  • Consumers need a new loan from time to time. There is nothing wrong with that in principle. The purchase of a car , a relaxing journey , an interesting opportunity or unexpected costs. Enough good reasons to look for a credit.
  • Such a good 10 years ago you could, in a manner of speaking, visit every credit broker and submit credit applications everywhere. Different brokers worked with different lenders. As more and more creditors have merged, many applications now enter the same service.
  • Suppose you want to take out a personal loan . You go to credit broker A and credit broker B. In both cases you are tempted to make a full credit application. Eventually you will also end up with credit broker C. You also make a loan application there and suddenly your file is refused! You will no longer receive a loan until your stupid surprise!
  • How come? If you make too many requests, this is not a good thing for the lenders. It seems like you are working recklessly and unthinkingly. You want a loan at any cost. Lenders can judge that you have not thought carefully and are acting irresponsibly. And so they are afraid that you will not take sufficient responsibility and will not pay back correctly.

Procedure for credit applications.

  • Are you looking for a new loan? Do not be sure to submit credit applications anywhere.
  • Inform yourself in advance about the conditions and possibilities.
  • Choose a credit broker with a lot of experience. He can already make a good estimate of your file.
  • The loan must be applied for only once
  • You thereby avoid the risk that your loan will be refused due to too many credit applications.

Immediately the right credit application

It is therefore advisable to have a good look around before submitting a loan application. Start by comparing rates and additional conditions of different loan providers. Is something unclear about your file? Then ask for more explanation from the lender or credit broker. So you have all the elements to make a credit application in a good way and you will not be faced with annoying surprises.