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12/29/2021 at 12:27 am CET

Education is everything

We talk about the benefits of reading and we offer 20 books to read with your kids.

Reading is a big goal for this coming year. As the teacher told us Jaume centelles In this presentation, “6 minutes of concentrated reading reduces stress, the heart rate slows down and muscle tension is released. Sharing a reading with your children is a good gift you can give them. It’s about opening the door, entering the book, and traveling through all of the worlds.

a.- The little white rabbit, by Xosé Ballesteros and scar Villán

A little White Rabbit whose house has been broken into by a huge goat is looking for friends to help him get it back, but no one wants to do it out of fear, especially not the smallest animal you can imagine. An illustrated story that reminds us that little ones can do great things.

of them.- So i love you, by Gabriela Keselman and Lucía Serrano Guerrero

A very colorful illustrated story that shows the little ones the meaning of unconditional love and unconditional support that unites us forever. A book to read with paper handkerchiefs as it is so fascinating.

3.- Pink monsterby Olga de Dios

Pink Monster does not fit into his colorless environment and does not feel accepted, so he decides to travel to another place where diversity is experienced as wealth. This illustrated album accumulates international awards and has given rise to many other stories featuring its characters. A real song in search of our identity and our freedom.

4.- Swimmer, by Léo Lionni

Nadarin is a small fish whose classmates were eaten by a huge black fish. Alone, he decides to travel the ocean in search of new companions and to stand up to the big fish. An illustrated story that takes us through beautiful landscapes of the seabed to show us that when we come together we are able to overcome the greatest obstacles.

5.- I will kill monsters for youby Santi Balmes and Lyona

Martina can’t sleep thinking that monsters live under her bed in her terrifying world of upside down monsters and that one day they might take her with them. On the other side of the ground, Anitram, a monster girl, is also afraid that the humans will one day take her to their world. One day Martina and Anitram meet and understand that we fear what we don’t know.

6.- The Zebra Camila, by Marisa Núñez and Óscar Villán

One day, the little zebra Camila loses its stripes because of the wind. Very sad, Camila receives the help of many animals to decorate her body with original stripes of several colors. A story with many repetitions that reminds us of the value of optimism and solidarity.

seven.- The color monsterby Ana Llenas

A well-known story with which we learn the importance of naming our emotions. The colored monster doesn’t know what’s wrong with him, he’s in trouble and thanks to the story, he’s putting his emotions in a name and order.

8.- Inés upside downby Anita Jeram

Inés wakes up one day very angry, she wants to do everything backwards. His parents will bet on supporting him in a creative and positive way. A very suitable book for talking about temper tantrums and conflicts with the little ones.

9.- Almostby Peter H. Reynolds

Ramón enjoys painting, but gives up when his older brother criticizes his drawings and tries to find a perfection that he cannot find. But his little sister has a lesson to teach him to keep doing what he loves and looking at the world creatively.

ten.- Autumn curmudgeon treeby Jordi Sierra i Fabra

A tree in the middle of the street lives its lowest hours: it longs for the time when everything around it was forest and the neighbors in the street annoyed it. All of this makes him in such a bad mood that he ends up getting sick and about to be shot. But the inhabitants of the street give him joy by stressing how important his presence is to them. A book that reminds us that we all need affection and without it we get cranky or sick.

Eleven.- Stories to feelby Begoña Ibarrola

A compilation of stories that tell us about different emotions and help us understand our emotional world. The stories are grouped by emotions and allow us to think together about when we felt this, why the characters felt this, or how we would change the story.

12.- & Mldr; attacks, by Alejandro Fernández de las Peñas and Olga de Dios

In this family there is a calendar of attacks in the kitchen & mldr; kisses, tears, tickles, hugs, pamper & mldr; Each day of the week has its own attack. A book that invites us to take advantage of small gestures to create a good family atmosphere and experience moments of tenderness and pleasure together.

13.- Girls are warriors: 25 rebels who changed the world, by Irene Cívico and Sergio Parra and Good night stories for rebellious girls, by Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo

Two compilations of life stories of great women who hardly appear in the history books but who revolutionized it: Ada Lovelace, the first programmer, Rosa Parks, promoter of the movement against racial segregation in the United States, Mary Shelley, the creator of Frankestein, Frida Khalo, the great Mexican artist, Janne Goodall, the defender of chimpanzees… are some of the protagonists whose lives will remind us of the importance of women in history.

14.- The cloud factoryby Jordi Sierra i Fabra

A hymn to creativity and imagination as engines of improvement in the world which is set in a factory of clouds, always black, white or gray, but which suddenly start to appear in all colors.

fifteen.- Mathildeby Roald Dahl

Mathilde is a girl with a powerful gift and a passion for books who lives in a family that despises her. After much insistence, she asks her parents to take her to a school whose principal mistreats children and whose teacher, Miss Honey, is kind to children. One day, Mathilde discovers that she has powers and decides to use them to save the children and the teacher from the evil headmistress. A book with which Roald Dahl defends the rights of children and criticizes the cruelty with which they are often treated.

16.- Momoby Michael Ende

Momo is an orphan who lives in an amphitheater and whom everyone appreciates because she knows how to listen and in his presence everything flows. Until the men in gray came to town ready to rip off the adults by promising to save them time. When adults fall into the trap, they start living under stress, they don’t have time to chat, enjoy the present, or play. Only Momo can resist these time thieves. A book that critiques consumerism, our stressful lives in search of economic value and our disconnection with childhood and the present.

17.- Harry Potter booksby JK Rowling

A child without parents who lives abused by his uncles and his cousin is the protagonist of this fantastic saga which does not need much introduction. Their author went from the practice of bankruptcy to world fame with these books, and thousands of children, adolescents and even adults have been captivated by this magical universe presented in eight long, well-written books.

18.- The little Princeby Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

An ode to childhood creativity, this book tells the story of an aviator who meets a boy in the middle of the desert who claims to come from another planet and asks him to draw a lamb. If you know that what looks like a hat can actually be a snake that swallowed an elephant, you will surely like to share this story with your older children.

19.- Wonder (August lesson)by RJ Palacio

We’ve already covered the book and the film adaptation here. A book that puts us in the shoes of several children and which sets out to tell the story of August, a child who suffers from a facial deformity and who enters school for the first time at 10 years old. A story that vaccinates us against bullying and reminds us that we all have something special.

twenty.- Mafaldaby Quino

A rebellious girl, idealist with solid values, who reflects on how the world works, longs for peace and questions adults. This is Mafalda, the protagonist of many comics who, if we read with our children, will invite us to debate social values ​​and have fun with some of her occurrences.

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