10 Weird Comics You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Comic books are a staple of pop culture, and while many readers know all about the most popular superhero series, such as Superman Where Spider Man, there are amazing comics that go unnoticed due to their uncommon or unusual style. While some of these series challenge the status quo, others explore a lighthearted story with an abstract art style.

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Many comics with these characteristics are amazing to read while simultaneously being ignored. Whether horrifying, beautiful, or profound, these comics are sure to surprise readers, collectors, and new readers alike.

ten Daytripper By Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba

The beautifully illustrated comic book by twin brothers Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba, excursionist, is something extraordinary and surreal. Daytripper reviews the life of a young writer using a form of storytelling that can leave readers both mildly confused and extremely excited to find out more. It presents timeless themes in an entertaining format and often leaves readers pondering the meaning of life and the concepts surrounding it. With her unique writing style and beautiful art, excursionist is an underrated story that every comic book fan should read at some point.

The comic by Riley Rossmo and Alex Link Drumhellar is a great example of a comic that takes the reader on a journey. With a compelling storyline revolving around the paranormal investigations of addicted spiritualist, Drum Hellar. Drumhellar is a wonderfully bizarre creation with incredible visuals and compelling characters that fit well into the imaginative storyline.

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With a clash of different genres, Drumhellar has something for every reader. A remarkably diverse title from two exceptionally talented creators, Drumhellar is a lesser-known comic that begs to be read and won’t leave readers disappointed.

8 Beanworld by Larry Marder is an absurd comic

bean world differs from traditional comics and may seem out of place here, but with its absurd creativity and strangely complex universe, it remains a work of art in its own right. In Beanworld, Larry Marder’s imagination is not limited by the conventions of our world. Instead, it operates by its own rules and laws, delivering a delightful combination of humor and adventure.

In Beanworld, nothing is as it seems. Larry Marder has created a lush and bizarre comic imagining a colorful animated universe of sentient beans. A world with its own rich history, mythology, people and rulers, bean world deserves more attention than it gets.

seven Prometheus by Alan Moore, JH Williams III and Mick Gray

Alan Moore is well known for his outstanding writing in comics such as watchmen, V for Vendettaand Batman: The Killing Joke. That being said, Prometheus seems to receive less appreciation than some of Alan Moore’s other works. This superb supernatural superhero tale tells the story of Sophie Bangs, who is a college student with an extreme interest in a historically recurring character in literature known as Prometheus. by Alan Moore Prometheus is a comic that constantly explores the power of the imagination. He often expresses himself through his creative art style and storyline, which will satisfy both new readers and fans of Alan Moore’s work.

6 Cowboy Ninja Viking By AJ Lieberman and Riley Rossmo

Cowboy Ninja Viking is interesting, to say the least. Combining the wonderful storytelling of AJ Lieberman with the incredible and unique art style of Riley Rossmo, Cowboy Ninja Viking is amazing and is sure to grow in popularity. It tells the story of Duncan, a man with multiple personality disorder who has been turned into an assassin for a special government program. Duncan has three personalities. One is a cowboy, the other a ninja and the last a viking. Without too many spoilers, Cowboy Ninja Viking is written in a way that combines humor, action, and clever storytelling to make it an ideal series for all types of readers.

5 Endless World by Jamie Delano and John Higgins

Bloody, gritty and surprisingly small, endless world combines science fiction and fantasy themes while using a writing style that will constantly leave readers shocked and entertained. Originally published in 1990, this sophisticated and darkly humorous work is an engaging story of love and survival in a post-apocalyptic world.

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endless world depicts a futuristic society that suppresses all forms of femininity and follows the resistance against these cultural beliefs. Jamie Delano’s diverse and poetic writing skills, combined with John Higgins’ intense artwork, make this a hugely underrated and beautifully written comic that deserves more attention.

4 I Was Kidnapped By Lesbian Space Pirates by Megan Rose Gedris

I was kidnapped by lesbian pirates from outer space is a unique look into the mind of writer, artist and series creator, Megan Rose Gedris. Set in the 1950s, Susie Bell is a young secretary who has the interesting experience, as readers may have imagined, of being kidnapped by lesbian space pirates. It’s an interesting bit of sci-fi delivered in a comedic way, and it apparently pokes fun at some 20th century comic book tropes.

The series is packed with lust, danger, and action-packed comedy while simultaneously making a statement about the outdated beliefs, stereotypes, and complications surrounding them. A light but deep work, I was kidnapped by lesbian pirates from outer space is a fantastically weird and witty comic that many readers will enjoy.

3 Paper Girls by Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang

Set in Stony Stream, a fictional suburb of Cleveland Ohio, paper girls follows the story of four 12-year-old newspaper delivery girls. The day after Halloween, these girls make a delivery that will change the world as they know it. Chaos spreads as they confront a crisis they didn’t create but demands their attention. Paper Girls tells an incredible sci-fi story that revolves around time travel and the wars that take place across different timelines. Although this series has not received as much attention as it deserves, a television series based on the comic is scheduled to release on July 19 this year on Amazon Prime Video. With its popularity expected to skyrocket soon, paper girl is an incredible and inventive series that many readers will enjoy.

2 The Manhattan Projects by Jonathan Hickman and Nick Pitarra

The Manhattan Projects is a brilliantly weird and dark take on history. It’s an amazing sci-fi series that revolves around a world that differs slightly from readers, but still has a deep grounding in reality. The central idea behind the series is that the Manhattan Project, which produced some of the first nuclear weapons during World War II, is just a front for many abstract forms of science meant to be hidden from the world.

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Although this series itself feels hidden from the world, it is full of action and absurdity, which has created its own small audience. As it effortlessly uses obscure sci-fi concepts combined with historical fiction and real historical figures, The Manhattan Projects attracts readers with its originality.

1 Nottingham by David Hazan and Shane Connery

Nottingham is an interesting take on the concept of Robin Hood. It offers elements of murder mystery and thought-provoking cultural ideals that exist both in the world of Nottingham and in modern reality. It tells the story of a Sheriff in Nottingham and his challenges on the hunt for a serial killer with a streak of preying on tax collectors. Highlighting the current issues surrounding the gap between rich and poor, Nottingham is an extremely shrewd and political piece. Whereas Nottingham is sure to spark debate among readers, it’s an intriguing and underrated series that’s sure to pique the interest of new readers.

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