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Another week, another batch of books for your TBR stack. Happy reading, friends.


Jacqueline Bublitz, Before I know my name
(Atria/Emily Bestler)

“A courageous and timely novel that will fuel the debate about women’s right to walk our streets safely. I ran through the pages, anxious for resolution, but at the same time not wanting this beautiful writing to end.
–Clare Mackintosh

Kenneth Johnson, Holmes to come
(Black stone)

“Clever and tight plots, fresh dialogue and a take on Holmes that should not just be embraced by those lovely Sherlock fans…but general readers who want a book they won’t forget are sure to become Great Detective fans.”
–Strand Magazine

Robert J Harris, The Devil’s Fire

“Robert J. Harris’ animated pastiche of Sherlock Holmes transports readers to a blackened London during World War II. In two previous books, the author resurrected John Buchan’s World War I character, Richard Hannay, to good effect and with a strong period flavor. A study in crimson achieves a similar blend of action-adventure, detective flair, and Holmesian surprise.
–Tom Nolan, Wall Street Journal

Lisa Ballantyne, the innocent

“A clever blend of chilling crime thriller and gripping domestic drama, The Innocent One kept me turning pages late into the night.”
–CJ Cooper

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HW brands, The last campaign
(double day)

“Brands is an American treasure: a professional, discerning historian who can write with powerful elegance. . . His remarkable decision to discuss Indian relations and conflict via these dual and dueling biographies of Sherman and Geronimo yields unexpected inflections and startling insights. As a narrative story, it’s pure Brands, and it’s a master.
–James L. Haley

Simon Parkin, The Island of Extraordinary Captives

“Drawing on extensive unpublished and archival material, the British journalist Parkin has produced a richly detailed history of the internment of thousands of men and women because of their German or Austrian ancestry. . . . A narrative alive from a shameful event that still resonates.
–Kirkus Reviews

Roseanne Montillo, Deliberate cruelty

“This engaging and well-researched book will appeal to true crime aficionados, Capote fans, and anyone interested in a dark, intriguing story well told. A compelling blend of true crime and literary biography.
–Kirkus Reviews

Jennifer Lynn Alvarez, friends like these

“With heart-pounding dialogue and believable action, the thriller ups the ante at every turn. A fast-paced thriller to keep readers on the edge of their seats.

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Erika T. Wurth, White horse

“It’s metal all the way, it’s Denver to the core, it’s Native without trying, there’s ghosts, there’s blood, there’s a rollercoaster and there’s about a thousand cigarettes smoked. What more could you ask for in a novel?
–Stephen Graham Jones

Anne Claire, Death and gondola
(dwarf rooster)

“A fair play plot, lively characters, compelling facts about Lady Agatha, and a smart, engaging protagonist make this a winner. Cozy fans will be chomping at the bit for more.
–Publisher Weekly

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