10 Daenerys Mannerisms And Traits From The Emilia Clarke Nailed Books


Dragon House is all about the Targaryens, showing the iconic dynasty at the height of its power. Yet despite all of its accomplishments, the show owes its very existence to a certain Daenerys Targaryen. Played by five-time Emmy nominee Emilia Clarke, Daenerys was one of the most popular characters in game of thrones.

Although Daenerys came from the brilliant mind of George RR Martin, it was Clarke who brought her to life, giving her purpose and spirit. The gifted actress did the character justice, especially when she described the traits and mannerisms that made Dany an icon of fantasy literature.


Daenerys’ Innocence

Daenerys Targaryen stares into the distance in Game of Thrones Season 1.

Game of Thrones Season 1 features Dany at her most naive. She has spent her entire life with the emotionally and physically abusive Viserys and has no idea how human interactions work. Dany also finds life among Drogo’s khalasar difficult and trying, making her the most vulnerable she has ever been.

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Emilia Clarke does a perfect job with Dany’s innocence. Virtue can be difficult to accurately describe, and Clarke chooses not to overdo it, especially because Dany won’t stay that way for more than a few episodes. Still, innocence is a crucial aspect of Dany’s early characterization, and Clarke does a brilliant job with it.

Daenerys’ gift for languages

Daenerys saying dracarys in Game of Thrones

game of thrones and Dragon House have several popular Valyrian words and phrases. The world of Ice and Fire also has other languages, including Dothraki and Old Gischari, although the latter does not appear in the live-action adaptations.

Book and show Daenerys has a gift for languages. She is fluent in High Valyrian and the Common Tongue and quickly learns Dothraki, making her one of the most accomplished characters in the series. Clarke is perfect anytime she needs to recite one of Dany’s elaborate soliloquies, especially during her last speech to her armies after the King’s Landing fire.

The inspiring qualities of Daenerys

Daario giving flowers to Daenerys in Game of Thrones.

Perhaps Daenerys’ greatest quality is her gift for inspiring devotion among her followers. Some of the most heroic Targaryen Kings, such as Jaehaerys I, Daeron II, and Aegon V, were known for the love they inspired in the common people, and Dany is no different. During her travels through Essos, Dany became beloved by her subjects, securing an army that believed in her above all else.

Clarke successfully conveys Dany’s proud and regal spirit while displaying the warmth and approachability that makes her such a beloved figure across the Detroit. It’s not an easy trick to pull off, but the actress makes it look easy.

Daenerys’ hatred of slavery

Missandei, Master Kraznys and Daenerys talk while walking in Game of Thrones.

There is nothing Daenerys hates more than slavery. Since childhood, Dany has hated the practice, although she grew up surrounded by it. Once she begins to accumulate power, one of her first major acts is to free any slaves she finds and abolish slavery, gaining a host of powerful enemies along the way.

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Dany’s Wars of Conquest features her as a decisive leader who is unafraid to be ruthless to those she sees as unworthy and evil. Clarke embodies Dany’s desire for justice and her will to obtain it by any means necessary, centered on the character’s opposition to such a reprehensible practice.

Daenerys’ inexperience

Daenerys about to execute a young man in Game of Thrones.

Although she had many victories, Daenerys was also quite inexperienced. This is understandable, given that she spent most of her youth under the control of Viserys and learned to rule by conquering more territories. Still, her inexperience was considerable, and Daenerys made several stupid decisions throughout. game of thrones.

Clarke walks a fine line between portraying Dany’s confidence and flaunting her lack of experience. It’s a tricky act to pull off, but the actress is smart enough to show off the subtle cracks in Dany’s stone facade whenever she makes a mistake, like when attacking the Meereen pits.

Daenerys’ strategic mind

Daenerys Targaryen with a fire burning behind her in Game of Thrones.

Despite her inexperience, Daenerys was a brilliant strategist. Unlike other characters in game of thrones, Dany understood war and people, which meant she could devise clever plans and anticipate her enemies’ moves. Dany successfully tricks the khals, tricks Master Kraznys, and plots to infiltrate Meereen, thus taking over the city.

Clarke discovers the inner workings of Dany’s mind. Although she remains stoic throughout the show, her incredibly expressive face still conveys the thought process behind Dany’s mind. Thus, Daenerys appears as assured and prepared, asserting herself as one of the best strategists in the series.

The cruelty of Daenerys

Daenerys in Game of Thrones season 7 sitting on her throne in Dragonstone.

Although she is one of the most inspiring characters in game of thrones, Daenerys is also ruthless and decisive. She is not afraid to kill, manipulate, lie or deceive in order to win. Dany is a conqueror through and through, willing to cross all lines if it means taking back the Seven Kingdoms.

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Clarke does a brilliant job with Dany’s sly, absolutist attitude, especially towards later seasons. Scenes like her burning of the khals or when she nailed the masters to the cross could easily make Dany unsympathetic, but Clarke still infuses Dany’s actions with purpose, making her easier to understand, respect, and even fear.

Daenerys’ pragmatism

Daenerys standing in Meereen Fortress in Game of Thrones

Dany likes to keep things simple. She doesn’t bother with elaborate or supposedly clever plans, like Tyrion, or wear herself out with unnecessary worry, like Jon. On the contrary, Dany is pragmatic, always choosing the most direct path.

Appropriately, Clarke takes a decisive approach when playing Dany. She keeps things simple and to the point, always delivering her lines as a firm, final statement, never leaving room for debate or argument. Thus, Dany remains inspiring but firm and always in control.

Daenerys’ love for her dragons

Daenerys and Tyrion walking among her dragons in Game of Thrones.

If there’s one defining trait in Daenerys’ character, it’s the relationship she has with Drogon, Rhaegal, and Vyserion. The bond between a horseman and his dragon is mysterious but fascinating, even if many details remain unknown to fans of the series. Dany’s bond with her children is unique, a powerful bond of magic unlike anything else in the world of Ice and Fire.

It’s impressive that Clarke manages to convey Dany’s love for her dragons, especially since they’re a product of CGI, meaning the actress was always alone in front of a green screen. Even so, she conveys Dany’s dedication to her children, which makes her performance more compelling and relevant.

Daenerys’ fixation on the Iron Throne

Promotional image of the Iron Throne in Game of Thrones.

Above all, Daenerys wants the Iron Throne. She believes it to be her birthright and sees herself as the rightful queen of Westeros, especially once she realizes how incompetent, cruel, and delusional Viserys is.

Clarke embodies Dany’s firmness to the end. She spends eight seasons of the show injecting Dany with a clear sense of purpose, building the character’s yearning for the Iron Throne, and making it believable and even understandable. Her actions in Season 8 may not be entirely justified, but Dany’s all-consuming desire for the Iron Throne is clear from day one.

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