Accounts Credit

When you are in trouble with time, the option of paying off your money sounds more than good. Many people take advantage of this fix, as evidenced by the various leaflets in the mailboxes, the most favorable options from tram stations and the borrowings from lighting poles. But lending money that way, whether or not […]

Cost of the mortgage loan

If you purchase a property, it is financed with a mortgage loan. The interest rate of this loan is very advantageous. This form of borrowing does entail a number of costs that are specific to this type of loan. In this article we provide an overview of the specific costs associated with the mortgage loan […]

Comparing JKP from a personal loan

In this article we will discuss the annual percentage rate or APR of a personal loan . Borrowing money also costs money. That is clear to most of us. In order to clearly indicate to the consumer what a loan actually costs, use is made of the term annual percentage rate or APR of a […]

Mortgage loan and home bonus from 2015

There was a lot to do in the second half of 2014 about the housing bonus that the government offers to buyers of their own home. In short: after the formation of government it was decided in 2014 that the subject matter of the housing bonus would become Flemish competence in 2014 instead of federal. […]

Cheap Personal Loan

Are you looking for a cheap personal loan. Every form of borrowing gives its own characteristics. It is important to find a cheap personal loan that also fits seamlessly with your income and financial situation. With the right knowledge you can borrow cheaper. In this article we will discuss the main characteristics of the personal […]

Refused at the bank – can I get a loan?

You have submitted a loan application but you have been refused at the bank? There are other options for borrowing money. What is possible and what does not depends of course on your situation, your income and current loans. Can you still get a loan? It is first and foremost important to know why the […]