Wsu Debate History

1889: Weber Stake Academy opens its doors

1908: Weber Stake Academy defeats Salt Lake City High School in a Debate

1922: The first year of intercollegiate debate competition

1927-28: The first class in “debating” was offered at Weber College

1928: Leland H. Monson is appointed Debate Director

1933-34: Weber College’s first year of national competition; Weber takes 2nd place at Phi

Rho Pi nationals

1934-1935: Weber College wins the Utah-Idaho Debating League Championship

1939-1940: Weber College hosts Phi Rho Pi nationals (Phi Rho Pi, established in

1929, is the national junior college forensics organization)

1947-1948: Weber College Hosts Phi Rho Pi nationals and wins sweepstakes

1948-1949: Leland Monson serves as President of Phi Rho Pi

1956-1958: Leland Monson serves as President of Phi Rho Pi

1961-1962: E. Carol Green, Weber College professor and debate coach, serves as

President of Phi Rho Pi

1966: Beloved professor and Director of Forensics, Bob Mouki, and members

of Weber State College Debate team, killed in a tragic car accident while

returning from a debate tournament.

1976-1984: Weber State College Debate racks up regional and nation acclaim under

Director Randy Scott (currently the Chair of the Department of

Communication at Weber State)


1981: Under Randy Scott’s directorship, Weber State College qualifies its first

team to the National Debate Tournament.


1981-1982: Director Randy Scott serves as President of CEDA (Cross Examination

Debate Association).

1988: Weber State College hosts the 38th Annual NDT (National

Debate Tournament).

1988-1994: Under legendary Director Bear Bryant, Weber State University Debate

racks up four pre-bids and five elimination round appearances at

the National Debate Tournament.


2003: Omar G. Guevara becomes Director of Forensics

2003-2010: WSU Debate qualifies 7 teams to the National Debate Tournament in 7


2005: Debater, Michael Shackelford (class of 2005), makes WSU history as

the first debater to qualify for the National Debate Tournament four (4)

consecutive times.



2010: Debater, Stacy Dawson (class of 2010), makes WSU herstory

as the first woman to debate for Weber State to qualify for the

National Debate Tournament four (4) consecutive times.